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You’ll get this TYPICAL bs more than others on OPPO.

Long story short, there is a service bulletin for a front engine cover reseal for the Vantage when the vehicle is under warranty. It’s been out for a while and is nothing uncommon. We have a bulletin board here where we print these out for easier access to the Operation Codes once the car is done and the repair order is turned in to the warranty clerk.


The tech gets the parts, does the job, car is delivered and the paperwork is submitted to warranty. Total cost is about $600+ with labor.

As a tech, the last thing you want to hear is a page over the intercom asking for you to visit the warranty clerk. *shivers*

Well as it turns out, Aston very recently (probably overnight) made a revision to the tech bulletin and the job will NOT be covered.

Every morning, the shop foreman, service manager and us in parts check the latest info on our dealer/brand main pages for any new announcements. This update was not there when he pulled the job.


Aston claims the revision was released since the day before. The warranty clerk checked the website at the moment the claim was declined. On her computer, the revision was indeed there which she did a screenshot showing it and the time/date.

Aston isn’t known to be the easiest to work with as far as dealer help lines, tech assistance or parts support (mostly because of the time zones). Either way, there was no way for the service department to prove the update was live at the time of the repair.


In these cases, we can get the repair order written off to the department with approval of the owner. My dealer is family owned and we have a bit more leeway in these sorts of situations.

The warranty clerk showed the case to the owner so it could be put on an internal ticket and both the parts and the tech’s labor would be paid. The owner asked if the update was live. The clerk presented him with the screenshot showing the time and date along with the decline code from Aston. He said, “well, if Aston isn’t paying this, I am not either. Collect it from the tech and make a counter ticket for the parts at warranty price.”


Dudes, that was rough on the tech. He took off for the day before having a panic attack.

I remember several days like this. They suck sooo much.

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