With the 6MT.

Anyone have issues trying to downshift to 2nd quickly?

I was driving to work and went to grab 2nd and it felt like I had hit a lockout. (Was doing about 45, going downhill, and slowing for a right turn. I was attempting to engine brake, and had already tapped the gas to match RPMs to my speed) I could not get the shifter to engage the gear and had to shift back to N and stop before I could get it to go into 2nd.

I also feel like my bushings are too stiff or something is off because the shifter in my car is not all that smooth. I have waited to do anything about it hoping that I just needed to wear it in, but now I have almost 5k on the car.

I plan on installing the 034 Motorsports insert here soon, I just haven’t found the time to get under the car to do it. I am also very curious about the clutch valve mod and want to see how shifting feels afterward. I know how to drive a stick, and I want to shift quickly.