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Fellow Oppo Keeb Nerds

I may have achieved keyboard nirvana with my latest creation. A combination of the layout, switches, and keycaps has made for some very happy fingers.

I started with an Input Club Whitefox from Monoprice at a svelt price of $99 (open box) equipped with Kaihua brown switches, like so:


Well, brown switches are complete crap. They’re smushy, and feel gross to type on. I thought that I hated the feel of the keycaps, but alas, no, they’re fine. The switches, though, I hated those. So I desoldered the switches, and soldered on some BOX Royals, which are soooooo super sweet to type on.

And then added a set of /dev/tty keycaps (in the first picture) designed by none other than Matt3o, who is massive in the keyboard community. He also designed the Whitefox keyboard. The /dev/tty set has a different profile than other switches, which is defined in the varying height of the keys from row 0 to row N, depending on how many you have. These caps are high profile, and the tops are sculpted bowls that cradle my fingers in typing bliss. Here’s a couple more shots:


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