I need to draw upon your experience and expertise!

I am planning on getting a new car this summer. The current debate is between a FiST, FoST, and possibly a Veloster R Spec. However, more importantly, this will be my first time buying a car from a dealer. Of course I have done tons of research, and actually used to work for a marketing firm where all of our clients were dealerships. I've read through the forums on what people are paying for the ST brothers, but, to be perfectly honest, I have trouble keeping all the rebates, plan pricing, and haggling straight. When I go in to get whatever my next ride will be, I want to be the dude who walks in tells them the way it is and drives off in an awesome new car at an awesome deal. So I'd love to get some input from you all about the best way to bargain with dealers, how to get the most out of rebates, a bit of input on FoST vs. FiST is always fun, and any other information you find pertinent.

Some factors to consider.
-I've got good credit.
-I will likely be trading in a 4Runner that I owe about $1000 less than it's worth. However, it was an Arizona car now transplanted in the snowy wonderland of Illinois. So it's RWD, and I'm certain that will have an impact on its trade-in-value. I'm also entertaining the idea of driving back to Arizona to visit friends and family and buying the car while I'm there, since I will likely get better value on it.
-I have plan-x pricing through my job.
-Trying to budget for right around $25k OTD, 60 mo. (Planning to have $2k saved for a down payment when I buy)
-With either the FiST or FoST I honestly only care about getting the Recaros. I couldn't really care less about the other options, although a sunroof might be cool. Thinking Tuxedo Black for the color, because I like the more mature and unassuming nature of it. Bright colors are fun and all, but idk if I want to go quite so boy racer-ish with it.

Any and all helpful input or opinions are appreciated. Let's make me into a car buying pro!

For your time, here is an RS200 throwing some dirt in the air: