Sitting at a light in the left turn lane and get hit. There are two left turn lanes, I was in the right of the two, and a Volvo 240 crunches between me and the Accord coupe in the left left turn lane. Older gentleman says the brakes went out. Assuming that is true he actually made a good decision to go between instead of hitting either one of us dead center from behind. Everyone is ok, Constables are here (all of them), waiting for the police report so I can head home.


Already got reimbursed from USAA for the deductible, the other side took full responsibility. Now to make an appointment to take it in.

Once I get it back I’m going to file a diminished value claim. Based on what I understand of Texas statutes I need to get the vehicle repaired first, then I can file a claim.


I’m still considering adding the retractable running boards (either factory or these) since one side is covered in the claim. Any opinions on installing these myself?


USAA is quick. Estimate is roughly $4k, and they already emailed me that I will have the money in my account in 2-3 business days (minus the deducible). I’ll have to call and talk to them about that, but last time this happened (see BMW accident last year), it only took one call and they reimbursed me within a week for the deductible as well. Haven’t looked at the detailed estimate yet, but I’ll post if there is anything interesting.


Since it did take out one of the running boards, I’m thinking I may upgrade to the auto-retractable ones. They look slick.


Insurance agent for the Volvo driver called and said they are taking 100% responsibility. I told them I needed to talk to my insurance (USAA) first, but would get back with them Monday at the latest. Based on meeting the guy after he hit me, I’m actually not that surprised that he is being proactive about taking responsibility. Now to see where AAA wants to send me for repairs, since RootWyrm pointed out my white diamond tri-coat is a pain to blend.



Back home, claim filed. Agree that most of it will, in fact, buff right out. Still going to have my insurance take a look (and I’m going to look tomorrow in better light).

I have pictures of the 240, but not sure on the implications of posting them here, so I’ll hold off for now. I will reiterate that, assuming the brakes did go out, the guy made the best decision possible. Scraped up my drivers side, gave the Accord a Camry dent, but no on was hurt.


Beer time.