Ferguson P99 - how did the brakes work?

The Ferguson P99 was a weird F1 car. Its first and only season was in 1961. It was the first All-wheel drive F1 car, it featured a front-engine and, according to Donut Media, featured “Mechanical ABS”

Ok, so that doesn’t make a ton of sense, and I think Donut was just trying to draw a close comparison (obviously ABS systems require wheel speed sensors, at the very least, and sensors require computers. I’m told computers were quite large in the 60's). The Ferguson Museum called it “Anti-skid technology” (which almost makes it sound like stability control), but I cannot find any other information about the braking system on this car, and god damnit, I’m curious now!


Do any of you fine Oppos know anything about this car, or shall we all chip in, buy one, and tear it down to find out how it works?

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