On my commute this morning, getting onto the freeway I pulled into the middle lane to get past the people who think getting on a freeway at 50 MPH is appropriate to be met up the chuff by a dark...Bentley?...green F355 Spyder doing 85-90, who gets inches from my bumper, pulls around me on the right without a signal then cuts me off again inches from my front bumper without a signal and then flips me off as he speeds away doing the same thing over and over.

yeah...like that.

My first reaction was. WHAT AN ASSHOLE!

Then I thought...you know what? I'm actually kind of relieved that there are still Real Ferrari owners out there. Real Ferrari owners? You say, What does that even mean?


As I thought about it, it wouldn't be fair to say all Ferrari drivers are this or that, but I do feel the distribution is not linear across the social demographic...so I made a graph!

On the far left of the inverse bell curve is the short, balding men who need a Ferrari to get the excitement back in their life, reclaim their youth, or claim someone else's youth and innosence....and also heartless collectors.


On the far right are what I would call your traditional 80's Ferrari Owners, Cracked out, playboys with what we would now call affluenza being assholes to everyone.

Both are real demographics and real Ferrari owners, but the ones on the right of the curve are fun, and that's what I want Ferrari to represent (even if it doesn't) so that's what I'm calling "real" Ferrari owners.

Also on the graph is Doug, who needs to get his playboy asshole score WAY up, pronto.


Anyway, I salute you Mr. Playboy asshole Ferrari owner, thanks for keeping the brand interesting.