Ferrari 458 Italia with a LB Body kit - Hot or not?

Yep, this is a 458 with bolt on fenders and a ducktail spoiler. It was designes by Liberty Works (LB) and just got ready in time for SEMA. I belive these are the same guys who designes the fenders for the BRZ/FRS/GT86.

I must say that I really really like the rear view. It reminds me of the 458 GTE cars, but the non-GT wing spoiler makes it seem lower and kinda smooth.


The front view is a different story. Doesn't work that well for me, there seems something off and it can't match the great rear, although thats how I feel about 458s in general.

So what does the Opponation think? Yay or Nay? Would you do this to your Fezza before it eventually finds a fiery death?

For more pics and in depth infos head over to Speedhunters.

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