The local Ferrari dealership here in Plano, TX (Boardwalk Ferrari) usually does these shows to signify the beginning of the driving season (Spring Concorso) and the end (Fall Concorso). I have been at a Fall Concorso 2 years ago, and initially I wasn’t going to go to this one. But, I freed up some time, and figured: Why not. Haven’t gone to a show other than Cars and Coffee in a while, and the knowledge that this show is only for high end cars makes it something different.

I also decided to change up the way I took my shots to test out if it worked. I usually reserve the slider action for my car review glamour shots, but I figured I would try to use it at a car show. I know what I think, but I would really love to know what you think! All I know is that the setup is noticeably heavier, and naturally makes getting shots a bit more tedious. I still might try to take it to Cars and Coffee next week...

The favorite was the Testarossa, but it was amazing to see a LaFerrari Aperta, a brand new 812 SuperFast and the most american supercar, next to the viper, A brand new ZR1 Corvette!

As usual there are exit shots, with a pair of UGR lambo’s going ham. They sounded amazing. So did quite a few other ones.

Anyway, let me know what you think!