Ferrari F1 V10 Reloaded

The Italian Grand Prix is coming up next. How can you celebrate the days of the naturally aspirated, lightning fast V10-era of Formula 1? By unleashing some of the mightiest, World Champion Ferraris at Monza.


Fortunately, regular Monza-attendee YouTube user 19Bozzy92 was there to record it all.

EDIT: for a small reference between 1.6l V6 turbo F1s, the 4.0l n/a V8 GP2s and the 3.4l n/a GP3s, here is what I saw at the Friday Free Practice of the Hungarian Grand Prix. In all honesty, the V6 sound is more pleasant up-close, no need for earplugs. You are actually able to listen to the crowd as well.


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