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Ferrari F12 GTO? Try Ferrari F12 SWB.

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Rumors have been swirling that Ferrari is building a lighter, faster, and all-around hotter version of the F12berlinetta—a car that some have dubbed the “F12 GTO.”


Well, turns out the rumors were true. And this is that car.

But it almost certainly won’t be called the Ferrari F12 GTO.

While the name is still under wraps—even the bajillionaires attending the exclusive previews that these images leaked from don’t know what it’ll ultimately be called—one current favorite is “Ferrari F12 SWB.”


Yup, SWB. As in” short wheelbase.” But unlike those SWB Ferraris of yore, the hot new F12—which Ferrari currently refers to as “F12 Versione Speciale” until an actual name is chosen—has a wheelbase just as long as the mainstream model it’s based on. The SWB name stems from two tricks—one visual, one technical...

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