Instead of spinning Maserati and Alfa Romeo into their own independent duo, I think Ferrari should purchase Maserati and Alfa Romeo. I mean they already share engineers, powertrains, platforms, and honestly seem like a trio. In fact, there isn’t any sharing of essential parts currently between these three brands and the main Fiat or Chrysler portions of the company besides some switchgear which can easily be traded for the new items out of the Giulia and Stelvio (Ghibli owners rejoice).

I think Ferrari owning the two brands would boost the valuation of all three and actually have other automakers pushing each other out the way for the chance to partner with Ferrari in ownership over Maserati and Alfa Romeo.


I bet this would really get Ford’s attention and we could end up with Ferrari and Ford as partners in shared ownership of Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Think of the boost!!

As for the rest of the brands, I think selling Fiat, Abarth, and Lancia together would be more tempting than one by one for any Chinese automaker looking to expand. Magneti Marelli should be fine to sell as is, which leaves Jeep, Ram, Dodge/SRT, and Chrysler. Toss in the Giorgio platform and I think the traditional selling off of the Chrysler Group is good to go. GM could work with a Chrysler Group only merger.

So my ideal situation is:

  • Ferrari and Ford end up partners in Maserati and Alfa Romeo ownership.
  • GM merges with Chrysler Group (Jeep, Ram, Dodge/SRT, and Chrysler). GM-Chrysler...hmmm, they could just kill off GMC, keep the badges, and let Opel-less Buick take those products and tuck the GMC trucks into the Chevy fold. Ram can hold down the “professional grade” market. The Buick and Chrysler brands would make good partners and Dodge-SRT would be like having Pontiac back. Oh, and Jeep! JEEEEEP!!!
  • Maybe a Chinese automaker or even Tata may purchase Fiat, Abarth, and Lancia.
  • I can see Mercedes or BMW buying Magneti Marelli.

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