Ferrari wheels on your Volvo? Yep. What fits you?

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In discovering what I can say about selling winter wheels/tires for a RAV4, I went looking for what other cars they can fit. That led me to the oversimplistic named website where you search your wheel size/offset/bolt pattern/etc. and see what cars you can raid for wheels, worldwide I believe.


I learned, if I wanted, I could import wheels from a Chinese BYD F5...


and slap them on my RAV. Or, perhaps I could sell my 60% used winters to a BYD owner, if they had a Chinese craigslist, and ship them to China so they can brag about whatever the 地狱 BYD owners brag about over there. Apparently, that’s something having to do with tea service in the middle of a parking lot. It appears he is on his phone so he’s probably going to get run over by the BYD coming his way.

So what fits you? Check for your wheel size on the first tab, then move to the right tab and search by your size. If you want other options, play with the widths but if you go up in that, then increase the offset just a little here and there to see what else pops up. an inch wider I thinks could need a half inch offset extra to compensate so there you go.Have fun and I hope you find that set of Maybach rims you’ve been looking for to fit your Daewoo.

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