"Argh. it won't load" - I complained to my wife as the video of the new F14T was not eager to show up on the screen of her smartphone. "What are you watching?" she asked. "Well, I was hoping for the new Ferrari". When it finally did load, there were all important people doing all important things on computers and expensive machines, all important Ferrari boss - accompanied by His Kiminess and El Fernando - walking through a crowd of engineers (the Red Sea... get it?) only to reveal the . the...


"What's wrong, Daddy-o?"

"That.. that... _thing_... What is that? It's freaking ugly!"

"What is ugly"?

"THAT is ugly" as I pointed out the nose job, then I went to sleep after a freaking long week and started thinking as I woke up "I've seen this thing before".

So I quickly started googling and I instantly matched the exact car and period.

There it is folks, the whole nose of the F14T is a scaled down carbon copy of the front end of various iterations of the 312.