Who doesn't love to see a Ferrari drive by? Or an occasional Ferrari in a parking lot?

How about tons of Ferraris all in one location? That's what I experienced this past Saturday. And hey, I don't even own a Ferrari!

This was the yearly "Ferrari Breakfast" where local Ferraris from Austin, Texas and San Antonio come together.

Doug DeMuro would have enjoyed this.

There were literally Ferraris from all generations, various models and colors. It was pretty fantastic.


The best part about the event? Ferrari cookies. Oh, and we were instructed to only have one per person.

This was a family event, with kids running around and even a band! The Ferrari folks know how to have a good time. I can only imagine what a Ferrari lunch or dinner would be like. Thousand dollar bottles of wine? Billy Joel flown in for a private concert?


My favorite one out of all the Ferraris was the Berlinetta. What a beautiful car - truly looked like the king of all Ferraris out there.


As you would expect, there were several 458s out there as well...in different shades of red as well as a grey and a black one.

The interior of the 458 was so awesome. I was tempted to sit inside this one. I think I have found my dream car. A car that will mostly likely always remain in my dreams.


Here are a few more pictures of some amazing Ferraris. I hope to have at least a few of these guys as a spotlighted guest of Torque Affair in the near future. Maybe a couple of them would even let me drive their car? Not a chance...


There were a couple other exotics, a Maserati, Lamborghini and one Aston Martin that was too good to be near the Ferraris. Parked all by itself in the far back.


So, there you have it. Do you have something like this where you live?

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