The 360, 430, 458 are all evolutions of the same idea - the small V8 Ferrari. They all have a similarly lightened, sportier cousin. So why is the 360's called the Challenge when the 430's is the Scuderia? Why is the 458's called the Speciale? Why can’t they be consistent? Why is the 355 actually called the F355? Why is the 360's coupe called the Modena while the 458 is called the Italia? They’re all built in Modena, Italia.

Why did the F12 Berlinetta break tradition from the 550, 575 and 599? Why are only the 599 and F12 given the Berlinetta name? They’re all Berlinettas - it means 2-seat coupe! Why is are the 550 and 575 given the Maranello name? Why is the 575 actually called the 575M?

The less said about LaFerrari the better.

What’s an SA Aperta? Why not Barchetta? They’re the same damn idea. And why was the Barchetta called Pininfarina? They were all by Pininfarina back then.

I forgive the FF, for breaking tradition of its; 456 and 612 forefathers. It’s a very different car. But why not 630FF or something? FF in itself is a dumb name.


I’m all for different things having different names. But Ferrari keep building the same thing and giving it different names. That, and slapping on random titles to make a car more Italian or to give it more heritage. It’s marketing bullshit. It’s deliberately confusing.

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