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Ferrero's in the shop...

That's right Ferrero is my car's name, not mine. Read on to find out what happened to him...

When I went to get into my car after work yesterday there was a large red puddle next to the right front wheel. I popped the hood and immediately saw the problem, my coolant expansion tank was completely empty and there was coolant sprayed all over the engine bay (no pics because I was busy trying to get a tow). Upon further inspection I discovered that the hose clamp for the bottom hose was broken. As long as the bottle itself doesn't have any cracks (a la BMW) it should be an easy fix.


I called Fiat roadside because my car is under warranty. They sent a tow truck, but to make a long story short I was in a garage too low for a rollback and my car is too low for a regular tow truck (which they sent even though I told them that), so I ended up driving to the Fiat "Studio" which was luckily only 3 blocks away.

I got to the Studio 15 minutes before they closed, hung my "do not wash" hang tag on the mirror, and left them the key. They weren't willing to give me an Alfa as a loaner despite my best damsel in distress act, but I did get to see one! Unfortunately this left me 12 miles from home without a car, so I had to take a taxi. That was 40 bucks I wasn't planning on spending.

Luckily for me I'm not working the rest of the week and I can walk to everything I need from my apartment. So now I'm just waiting for a call from the Studio and making a list of all the other stuff I need done. I was planning to take my car in on Thursday for an oil change (the first one not done by me) and to get some TSB's taken care of anyways, although I was going to take it to a Studio closer to my house.

Hopefully they can get everything fixed by the weekend. And yes, I have generally been very happy with the reliability of my Fiat.

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