This little thing lives up to its name! Say hello to my first manual transmission car!

It runs and drives smooth. And unlike the golf cart inspired Festiva, every gear is where they should be. Absolutely no slop in it!


I haven’t driven a standard in ten years. Even then, I only drove that Saturn a few miles and that was my first time ever driving a manual. I wanna say my motorcycle clutch control experience carried over to cars but honestly I have no idea how I’m driving this okay.

It has a bit more rust than expected, but everything is there and unlike the Ranger, it doesn’t have rot in important places.


It sat in a field for two years. The PO then replaced the control arms and gave the car a tuneup. It certainly purrs!

First order of business is getting rid of the Hurst style shift knob. It’s cool and all, but it seems to get in the way. I’ll also mount my roof rack and get it registered.


Funny enough, once I shed some weight from it I’ll be able to flat tow it with the smart!

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