few days later

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I feel a little bit better, but I’ve been busier and busier today and weds.

Some stuff is coming together, some stuff is falling apart. But..bleh.

Most of the bikes are together now at least. the VFR leaks fuel and lost a body panel, so its off the road until i can fix those. Parts are on the way, but still. So, CBF has returned for dads rider.

New Daytona is a roller and does the daily commute.

I got the lexus back. $1100 for the AC fix. and then a check up on the system on tuesday. Been driving that for a few days to make sure its all good.

Man, I take a step forward, and then one step back. I am objectively getting shit done, but the list grows. And i an not registering the ‘done’ part and my mind is getting more and more fucked.

oh well. Moving on. 

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