I think my power steering rack is toast.

Noise started as a tiny clunk at lock to lock turns, then all of a sudden escalated to a full on noise when turning. iDrive threw all kinds of steering warnings that went away, and then all power steering gone when I was pulling into my parking spot.



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Now in her natural territory... outside a shop.


She’s now at the dealer.

Indie mechanic hooked it up for a scan, a whole whack of EPS errors (duh). Had to pull the EPS fuse so I can actually drive, and as it turns out there was a “recall” open on my car for the steering bolt, just like Mike Woyahn mentioned in the Bimmerpost link.


After some phone calls to BMW Canada and a lot of call transferring, the dealer advisor hung up on me so I drove right to them instead.

At the dealer, after a huge lineup of waiting, they told me it was “not a recall but a service campaign”. Now she’s in another huge lineup for a check to see if it was “caused by the campaign”.


Total damage so far: $70 to inspect at Indie. Plus the usual bullcrap from the dealer about “oh if it’s not related then we’ll have to charge you $170 + tax”.

Indie also gave me a quote for replacing the rack, it’s like $8000+. Eight. Fucking. Grands. My car is worth $15k right now to put that in perspective...


Any experts here with raising a giant stink with BMW? Especially since my car only has 52k kms on it??


Fixed! Luckily (or rather unluckily) that repair WAS covered under the bulletin. Getting her back today. Eight grand bullet dodged.

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They end up giving me a replacement steering rack.

I do need to start looking into some of the other items from the Indie’s scan report though, says my battery is soon toast and there’s this “recirculation motor” that’s sticking.

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