To the person in the Nissan Leaf who did not see me OR MY INDICATORS:

Why did you think I was finished changing lanes when I JUST STARTED?!

Anyways, I turned on my indicators, looked both over the shoulder to the right and my mirrors (note that most if not all Sport models have Blind Spot Indicators; she was just 3 car lengths away from even remotely hitting the point where the system would indicate a car is approaching) and instead of slowing down, she sped up and next thing I know, bam. Thank fuck the bumper was the only casualty along with the fake vent.

Also, for some inane reason, she continued despite the accident and turned right - had I not followed her, I would have been screwed shitless. -Sigh- I should need to get a dashcam soon.... Before anyone says that she wasn’t, she should have acknowledged the accident somehow instead of continuing. She didn’t even slow down at all.

How does your day go, Oppo?