What do these two transmissions have in common? Well if you take the torque tube flange and diff off the first picture they are the same transmission.

What are they in? Well the first one is an automatic transmission from a 928. The second transmission is out of a Mercedes (w126, w140, w123, w124, w210, w201, w202, c107, r107, and r129). Certian things changed over the years with this trans, but on fun thing is they are vacuum modulated.

This means engine vacuum is used to shift the transmission. This was done in the era between cable shifting and electronic shifting.


Oh wait I forgot the important part. I am bringing this up because the banjo bolt on the front of the early 928s’ intake where the tube for the rear transaxle’s vacuum attaches is fricking missing!!! I swear I had threaded it back into the hole after I needed to move the line for doing the intake, but no I guess I didn’t.... Fucking yay. If I dropped it in the engine bay, then it may be lost forever.