So,. my ABS is throwing hissy fits. Works for anywhere for 1-30 minutes, then decides it doesn’t want to work and shuts off (the ABS that is). Funny enough, if I cycle the bike off and back on (I wont even stop rolling) The stupid thing will work again. for another 1-30 minutes.

What gives? The only thing i changed was removed 4 magnets from the front rotor to bring it BACK to actual speeds (with 8 magnets it was reading double).

Whats interesting is that the system will work for those 1-30 minutes. then it stops. What gives?

I already tried DC’ing the battery and leaving it over night, maybe the computer was confused about the sudden 4 signals/rotation VS the 8 signals/rotation. Nothing. I’m going to dump the other 4 magnets in and see if it works.

Bike is a 2008 Sv650.

OH, and before anyone tells me to man up and ride sans ABS, fuck off. My bike isnt a toy, its a tool that I use for getting to and from work and school. I bought it ABS for a reason, and I’m keeping it.
Picture for time.