GMC for attention. Oppo is off-topic, and I’m curious, so I’m going to leave this here with a couple questions:

From what I heard, there was supposed to be a Black Lives Matter protest in my town (Wichita, Kansas) that was going to shut down an off-ramp or something like that. Cops were gathering to prevent craziness from happening, shit was tense, then the leader of the local movement met with the police chief and somehow turned the thing into a cookout/block party where the chief opened up to the minority community and had a panel where he answered questions from the community.

To me this seems like exactly what needs to happen. The community coming together with the authorities to have a frank discussion and share some fun times. It seems the national media agrees because the story has hit the news, for once putting Wichita in the papers for something positive (remember BTK? Wichita).


And then I see this headline, and it makes me wonder a couple of things.

Why wouldn’t BLM want to be associated with this? It seems like a huge step in the right direction that other communities would greatly benefit from taking.


What on earth are the goals of this BLM DC twitter accountholder? They’re worse at handling PR with grace than Donald Trump.

Honestly I’m just kinda trying to find an ELI5 of this whole situation.