I’ve gotten over my knee-jerk reaction to the new Mustang, and so should you, and I’ll tell you why. Perspective.

When the Fiat 124 launched I was not impressed, I thought the front looked awkwardly wide and droopy. “Ugh, they ruined the Miata with a body kit” because the photos I saw initially weren’t like the one above, they were like this:

Notice something different?

The top photo is shot looking down on the car, as you would actually see it in real life. Now look at the bottom photo, the only way you’d see the car from this angle is if you were sitting on the ground.

It’s like Disney World only inverted:


Main Street USA looks great when viewed from a eye-level perspective, but look at it from above:

Tada! All of the carefully designed optical illusions and forced perspective are gone... and it looks like shit.


Now to the Mustang.

These rolling shots are taken from a low angle which, while emphasizing speed, also distorts the view of the car quite badly. When we see this footage in a properly produced ad it’ll probably be a short cut.


This one is really bad as a photo because, shocker, it wasn’t meant to be a still photo! It’s part of a pan around the front of the car.

I’m not saying that it’s a great looking car, or even that it’s an improvement over the current one. However, I do think that it looks better in motion than in the stills, and I think it’ll look much better from an eye-level perspective and/or in person.


Feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but I hide ugly for a living (damn you roof top HVAC units!!!) and it’s all just understanding perspective.