Fiat desperately needs cars that don't have 500 in their name in their lineup. Alfa needs something besides the 4C and 8C.

If they can't do that, then don't use those brands at all. Just sell them as Dodges and Chryslers:

Chrysler 8C SRT8

Chrysler 4C SRT4

Dodge D430 or 458 America (F430 or 458 with a manual transmission)

Dodge D12 Berlinetta

Dodge Panda

Dodge Mito

Chrysler Multipla

Dodge Doblo

Dodge Ducato

Chrysler Giulietta

Ferrari 810 Viperelli (a Viper with an automatic and double the price) Ferrari has gone automatic-only, while Gilles wants to keep the Viper manual. This would satisfy both groups. Also, they can't use the Viper name in Europe because trademark reasons.

Hey it worked for VW (R8/Gallardo/Huracan), so why not Chrysler? (Viper/base Ferrari) Ironically, Chrysler used to own Lambo!