#VanLife is so hot right now and sprinter 4x4's are being sold faster than they are being built. FIAT wants in. Its solution is called the Ducato DANGEL4, which sounds like a either a rare genetic defect or a very specific niche website. Dangel is actually a French 3rd party engineering company started in the 70's with the ambition of converting regular cars to more capable machines. Their big claim to fame was the incredible awesome 504 Dangel 4x4.

including wagon

and pickup form which actually took 2nd in DAKAR in 1982.

Think of them like a French Quigley, which together sounds, again, like something you shouldn’t google at work.


For the FIAT underbite Ducato they developed a very unique system in the 4WD world thats kind of a blend between a Dead axle, and independent suspension.

It’s controlled by what is either a viscous coupled PTO or electronically controlled PTO (specifics unclear) and is single speed. Though there does it does appear a limited slip rear differential is standard and a true locker is optional

The also offer, at least on some models, a lower 1st “crawler” gear to help get you moving, which is good because it only comes with the 150 hp turbo diesel engine. Still FIAT is very interesting in taking this foul weather tradesman idea and moving it upmarket to VanLyfe as evidenced by their “Fiat Ducato Expedition 4x4" series. A collection of shorts showing off a custom made campervan with 4x4 and all the hardcore instagram shots it will allow you to take.

Truthfully it looks like a well thought out interior package and the option of 4x4 and a little extra ground clearance should definitely appeal to the #WorkingConstantlyOnMyBrandSoICanAffordToLiveWithoutA9to5 types.


Its no sportsmobile, or even a sprinter 4x4, which offers both a true low range (which the Dangel does not) as well as more clearance.

Even still, I would love to Dangel around Europe for a while, as thats clearly where this is staying...for now.