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Fiat - new problem number kabillion and five

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I was driving home, going over a speed bump. Since speed bumpsadn 12" wheels are natural enemies, I was taking it very slowly in 2nd gear, clutch in. When I wanted to accelerate out, I raised teh revs as usual and let go off the clutch. Then a big KABANG happened. Now the big KABANG and a kick in the back happens whenever I’m not perfectly smooth with the throttle. Seems like either some part of the engine suspension or a gearbox mount has decided to call it quits and fuck off. Argh. Didn’t have time to diagnose it today, gonna have to have a look tomorrow or on monday.


You know what? I blame my dad’s colleague. Just yesterday he asked me how the Fiat was doing. I had no choice to praise it and say that I haven’t had any issues for like 3 months now. And today this happened. FFS.

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