Trying to get the X1/9 on the road for Mrs. IM as a Christmas present. The parts place also has cars. The Lancia Beta Zagato was the car that inspired Griffith to build the Sunchaser, and was a direct competitor. In 1981, the Lancia was more expensive than the ‘chaser, except for the fully loaded GT Sunchaser (like mine, humblebrag).

Illustration for article titled Fiat Parts Ordered! Both T Bird and X1/9 projects are go!

T Bird will go in this week for a little more follow up. A wiring harness melted (which we need to figure out why) so we have no wipers or turn signals, and I had to order a replacement license plate light. My son comes home from college next week, and we are going to take it to the grumpy interior restoration guy together to get the estimate for that phase of the project. If I get the Fiat on the road, we will take it to him for the same type of estimate. The Fiat is in pretty good shape, but it needs a new windshield and new window and door seals. They are desiccated all to hell.


It has been a while, Oppo, but you are going to see progress.

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