Fiero engine donor window shopping (updated)

I’ve alluded to swapping a supercharged Buick 3.8 into my Fiero. Since it’s a rather complex swap, I’d like to pluck the engine and whatever else I need from a running car. I’ve been browsing, mostly finding Grand Prix GTPs that have 200k+ on them. Not what I want. This Park Avenue Ultra, however, might just be what I’m looking for.


Update: it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I did check it out, taking it on a brief test drive. The body had various problems, which, fine, I’m plucking the engine and harness and such from it anyway. There was, however, a bigger problem.


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See how the supercharger isn’t hooked up? Yeah. That’s kind of a bigger issue when you’re buying a supercharged car. Otherwise, the car was decent. Very, very comfortable, electrics worked fine. It just seemed a little off. The seller was a flipper, having bought the car from wherever Carmax’s reject pile goes. The title wasn’t salvage or anything, but it looked to be more trouble to get it titled in my name than it’s really worth, especially since I’d just be scrapping it when I pulled the necessary parts. I made an offer, but I’m just going to say that my girlfriend said no (I don’t actually have one) and keep looking.

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