Fiesta - Incorrectly prep for Rallycross

Saturday is my first Rallycross. The fiesta had a loose ball joint that caused severe wear on the winter tires last year, all season over the summer and more wear on the tires over the last month. Figured is should fix that and some other stuff.

So far:

Hawk HPS and new rotors - this will not help vehicle rotation as ilthis will increase front brake bias, especially since I think the rear shoes are worn.


Poly bushings and new ball joint on driver’s side - this should help

Ford Racing Handling kit installed - cause ya know a 1" drop is good for Rallycross. Only have the rear installed, hoping to get the front done tomorrow night.


The point is to make a competant street car that I can rallycross/autocross.

Still to do:

Front struts - done before Saturday, although as I write this I realize I forgot to put one of the bumpstops in


Stainless brake lines - gonna wait

Passenger lower control arm ball joint/ poly bushings - gonna wait

Rear beam poly bushings - gonna wait

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