I know reviews have been done and done and done on this car, but I’m doing another. I’m focussing on how it is to live with, and as just a car.

The Positives:

I adore this car. It is a fantastic daily driver. Even the dullest of commutes can turn into a boost filled adventure. Every turn can be apexed, every straight can be taken at full throttle, yet still at legal speeds. Not saying the car is slow, it has enough pep to easily get you to jail time, but you have to get up in the gears for that. On the interstate at 70, you are pretty much right in the sweet spot. You floor it to pass, it does not lug. The fuel economy is great, near 30, and I don’t drive efficiently at all. On long trips, it’s perfectly fine at eating up the miles, in relatively quiet comfort. The rest of you probably already know. It shouldn’t be this fun and be front wheel drive. I have no doubt that the Fiesta ST will go down as one of the greats, it’s already reviewed as one.


The Negatives:

The exterior build quality is piss poor of the most dehydrated sort. Within days of ownership, the paint was chipping. The roof gets significant damage from acorns. ACORNS. Microfiber scratches it like a pissed off cat. The panels fitment is only okay. And to top it off, it doesn’t really appear special at all. It’s a car that is appreciated by only those who know EXACTLY what it is. That doesn’t really bother me, I don’t care if people look at my car as a status symbol, but I at least wish my non-special looking car actually was built with non-Matchbox materials.


The Recaros break in, if you gave up on them during a test drive, you missed out.



Amazing car to live with provided the body makes it 10 years.

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