Here is an honest review plus a video with a tunnel run and vibrations shown at the end:

First and foremost, I did not go Cobb or Mountune for a few reasons. Reason one being that you have to take apart part of your old mount to install the new. I see that as cheaping out. Reason two is that they have been known to over break-in. The materials they used are not much better at handling heat than the stock mount, and the mount is very close to the catalytic converter.

I ended up purchasing the CP-e mount. To me, it seemed like a good balance between the Cobb/Mountune and the Boomba. The Boomba is nearly a solid mount. Installation was easy, and it does break in after a few hundred miles. I’m over 1,000 miles in and there still a lot of vibration at idle and low rpm, but mostly just when the AC is on. Those who say you won’t notice it are full of shit. Driving has definitely changed. All of the motor smacking is gone. Stopping is easier, as 300lbs of engine isn’t leaning forward. Acceleration is also vastly improved due to the improved grip. One thing I did not expect but got, is more torque steer. Overall, I definitely would do it again, but it definitely does mess with the NVH.


Around 55 seconds is when you start to see the hood shake, if you want to skip the tunnel run.

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