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Fifth Annual Tri State Meetup!

Much like we have in the past, though this year’s notice is much later due to a significantly busier work and personal life, the annual Tri State Meetup is happening!

If you didn’t get the email, we are meeting on the 19th, up at the Acme in Sussex on Route 23 north at 10am. We will be there for about an hour for people to have time to arrive, and then we will be heading up to High Point State Park to grill and hang out. If the weather is okay and people want to make a pass through the Hawk’s Nest, by all means we can do that if possible. Please bring some cash to put towards the bounty of food we will be getting, and dress warm!


We had a record turnout last year, and I will be opening this up to a new group as well to join if anyone wants to. Friends are more than welcome, and please follow the standard Cars & Coffee rules. We have had a great success over the past few years, and I want to see this event continue to grow and be enjoyed by as many as possible!

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