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Fight me: Ba-Tampte Half Sour pickles are the best grocery store pickles

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I, speaking as a Member of the Tribe, which qualifies me as an expert have-r of opinions about pickles, do declare, that when perusing your local grocery store, you will encounter no finer pickle than the Ba-Tampte (“Means Tasty”) Half Sour pickle.


Did you know...

Ba-Tampte Pickle Products, Inc. specializes in the production and distribution of refrigerated pickles and other condiments in both wholesale and retail packaging. Our products are sold directly to supermarkets, delicatessens and higher-end restaurants in the New York Metropolitan area as well as to supermarkets nationwide via regional distributors. Most of our pickle products can be found in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket.

Ba-Tampte is a family-owned and operated corporation founded in 1955 by Meyer Silberstein. Prior to founding Ba-Tampte, Meyer learned the pickle business from his father and grandfather who ran pickle stands in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and pushcarts in the Lowest East Side. Today, the business is managed by Meyer’s sons, Barry and Howie Silberstein, and grandsons, Scott and Seth Silberstein. While our business may have changed over the last century, many of our pickle recipes have remained exactly the same.

Operating out of the Brooklyn Terminal Market, Ba-Tampte is one of the few remaining “New York” style pickle processors still based in New York. Most other refrigerated pickle processors have moved to other regions of the country. All our pickles are cured and hand-packed in our own facilities. To meet increasing demands, however, we recently increased capacity by installing a state-of-the-art machine to automate much of the pickle-packing process, but the finishing touches are still by hand.

Ba-Tampte prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients, including “Grade A” kirby cucumbers and premium spices. Our “original brine” Half Sours and Garlic Dill pickles are made with fresh garlic and are 100% naturally fermented.

Ba-Tampte products are currently sold in approximately 40 states. Click here for a full list of the supermarkets that sell our products.


Why, pray tell, am I making this announcement in this moment? Because the other day my brother texted me out of the blue to drop his identical pickle opinion on me, and while he is often crazy, he is 100% right on with his scalding hot pickle takes.

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All other opinions on this topic are wrong and invalid. Fight attempts will summarily be dismissed. You don’t want to try anyway.

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