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Fighting back!

Remember this?

Well, after my A4 decided yesterday was when my deferred maintenance number was up, I decided Iā€™d better get to doing that VANOS solenoid swap my 335i had been kinda sorta asking for. Now that I was down to only one car, I figured what better time to possible colossally mess something up and leave my bimmer inoperational in an underground garage? šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø


I started out thinking I would follow the Pelican Parts guide, but I ended up using this and this. I am really not a wrencher, so this simple job seemed to have many potential downfalls for me.

In fact, owing to me having a relatively late N54 instead of an N52, most steps were more complicated than the guides led on! Just taking off the damn engine cover is a whole affair, it turns out. This engine has hoses everywhere. The actual solenoid removal was a small, burnt hands affair.

I dropped one of the screws that holds the engine cover, and it now lives somewhere on the aero cover. Luckily a replacement is only $1. One of the clips for the cabin air filter cover was also lost.

But, in the end, I prevailed.

What do we say to the god of broken cars?

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