Haven’t been on Oppo much the last couple months, stress from the car accident, debt collectors, constantly dead mini, and Civic Daily driver with borked paperwork has been keeping me busy.(primarily school and work if we’re being less dramatic)

It’s a long post so the TL,DR is: Car accident is panning out okay, the release of liability problem ended up with me paying the piper, the mini is a pos, the civics paperwork is at least 10 pages now but it’s almost legal


So after the car accident I went to the ER got looked at, diagnosed with a back sprain. Ended up having to cancel one of two college classes I was attending because this situation absorbed too much time, and i was missing too much class. Contacted a lawyer and am currently still attending a chiropractor regularly, the back pain is getting better but still present during the work day. I shouldn’t sweat it too much but being young my back was perfect before the accident, and according to the chiropractor a full recovery is possible(though it seems my back and neck will be permanently tweaked). Once treatments over it will hand over to the lawyer and go from there to cover medical expenses and so forth.

The Debt collection problem from the bill of sale I forgot to fill out has been,”resolved”. After trying to dispute the debt it looks like there was nothing to be done but pay the debt. Official dmv lein documents stated that if it isnt filed after 5 days of sale you are legally on the hook for the car. So I ended up paying $2,200 (down from $2750) to the collection company, essentially paying to maintain my credit score. Theoretically that problem has been dealt with and wont be a problem from here on out.


The mini is still torn apart waiting for a machine shop to rebuild the head, once it’s all back together there should be nothing to fail. It’s getting all of its mechanical problems replaced in one go(turbo, head, timing chain, motor mounts, leaky gaskets, cooling system)


The 96 civic I bought as a daily: The seller borked all the paperwork filling it out partially as a dealer and partially as a private seller, the car came with no plates since they were custom. Dmv issued a temp operating permit and said there was nothing they could do giving me the number to their investigations unit. Investigations said all they could do was -potentially- review my paperwork and look into the company that supposedly sold the car, though nothing would happen with the car itself, that was a no go. Eventually got in contact with the dealer and he redid all the sales paperwork and sent out the title(with the wrong purchase price). Went back to the dmv and now they will finally issue plates and put it in my name, but wait theres more.... The car got salvaged in the accident and before I can get plates on the car it has to pass a brake and lamp inspection which I paid $150, it failed primarily due to leaky rear brake cylinders. That’s were I’m currently at with the car. Once it passes itll need the vin checked by dmv personnel and I’ll be issued plates. In the mean time I’ve been pulled over 4 times with cops thinking the cars stolen, walking up to me with hands on their guns and calling in backup.


Timing of eveything has been,”good” since the insurance layout from the civic allowed me to pay off the tow company that charges $70 a day in storage fees(from the above mentioned debt collection)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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