If you’re like me, you’ve never owned a new car. Still though, someone will want to borrow your jalopy eventually for “something real quick”. The response is like the the title above. What would be in the blank?

In my first car *shivers*(e28 535is), i’d always say, “Ok, but don’t drive it in the rain (bad distributor cap) or open the sunroof (had to mechanically close it sometimes when it warm out)


On my e34 it was, “Ok, but don’t touch the recline the passenger seat (had to mechanically return it to normal) and don’t turn the a/c to high speed (blower motor was loose and made a horrible sound)

E36 ///M3..... “Ok, but push the door down when closing it (auto window down ‘coupe’ was inop) and don’t lower the passenger window (it worked most of the time, but sometimes it came off the track)

and maaaaany other ”Don’t do’s” on my other dumb German cars. That Silverado I had though, that was 1,000,000,000,000% SOLID!!!

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