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Filter Advice

Yea sex is great but have you ever backed off the throttle around 5k sitting behind two side draft carburetors?

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I’m sporting twin Weber 40mm DCOE carbs on the 02 with the mid stacks (identical to those pictured above). They’ve got the individual foam filters on each stack, and they’re looking pretty tattered. The local 02 Guru said that I should “take them off” before they catch on fire. I asked what he recommended and he said that he doesn’t run filters on any of his 4 2002's! This guy definitely knows what he is talking about but he is also forever working on these cars. I’d imagine he could rebuild an M10 blindfolded. So the possible consequences don’t hold the same weight for him.

He and others have advised against the little screen cap filters saying that they are too restrictive. He said someone makes an airbox with a snorkel in which all 4 velocity stacks would seat. This is probably my best bet, but it’s expensive and while it isn’t ugly, I wanna see them stacks! He said that unless I’m driving on “back roads” I don’t need to run filters. I’m guessing he means dirt/gravel roads as he referred to everything else as the track or the street.


So what say ye? Live wild and free or cover em up? If the answer is cover em up, what filter type do you like?

UPDATE: I’m getting this

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