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Filtering through the garage pile.

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My first big boy tool box. It became an odds and ends storage thing years ago after the bigger adult tool chest arrived. But this deserves a clean up, grease up, and a useful continuance. I should have treated it better.


It will receive the spare, old, duplicate tools and I’ll add in some rudimentary replacement budget pieces to make a good travel box for any road trip drive or for vehicle prone to break down away from home. A lot. Like my old Volvo started doing long ago.

I’m realizing I already have a pretty good set of Craftsman “american-forged” box/crescents to put in it. I’ll source a full set of sockets in shallow and deep with extensions in sae and metric-it is almost necessary now. I never know what ill find loose. Plus other useful bits. Fuses for the car, etc.


For those oppos who do have a travel box, are there any must haves you recommend? 

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