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Final Forza roadsters race is coming up, but I have an important question

*The poll has ended with 12/12 and 12/20 at an even vote. I decided by coin flip that the race will be this Saturday, the 12th.* Hey guys. The final race is coming up soon for the Classic Roadster series. I was thinking of hosting it on the 19th, but EricIsDayWalker already claimed that date for the Fourza sendoff race. So, I’m leave it up to you guys for the final date. I already have a time set for the track. I was thinking either this Saturday the 12th, Sunday the 20th, or three weeks from now on Saturday the 26th. I’ll keep this poll open for the next couple days (so people have a decent amount of time in case Saturday is voted. The time will still be the same unless I have a pressing need to change it. (3:30 PM CST/4:30 PM EST)


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