BMW’s world record eight-hour drift was almost ruined by Bluetooth - The Verge

Does the car go like hell? Yes, yes it does. Will your phone stay connected? Nope. Will the car switch itself into different driving modes for no reason whatsoever while you’re driving it near the limit? Of course it will.

I’m fairly certain if they had kept going a little further navigation might have either started barking out instructions and refuse to turn off or the navigation map would just go blank like mine does 2-3 times a week for no reason at all.

While driving across the country I once muted the volume to get navigation to stop talking and then shut the car off with it still muted. When I got into the car later and started it back up it was still muted. And I couldn’t un-mute it. Turns out this is a known bug. You have to shut down the car, get out, lock it and wait 5-10 minutes for the system to fully shut down (it hibernates for a while) and only then can you again listen to music on your cross country drive.


Great cars but iDrive needs to be taken out behind the wood shed and put out of its misery.