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Final Thoughts on the Stinger (Hot Takes Ahead)

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I’ve been thinking much about the Stinger and just how disappointed I was in it. Bear in mind that this was only a base model with the 2.0T, so the GT might be completely different.


The problem with the Stinger is that it does not do anything that other cars already do much better. Sure, it drives nice, but the ATS and Giulia drive better. Sure, it looks nice, but the 3 Series and A4 look better. Sure, it feels nice on the inside, but the C-Class and IS feels better. It’s even bested by its own platform mate, the G70, by having the virtue of a manual transmission, an oddity in this market these days.

I guess it’s one quirk is that constant question: “That’s a Kia?” and the oddity of having a small executive sedan not built by the big 4 brands. But if I was in the market, I don’t think there’s much to sway me in this direction.

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