If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


Well, I made the purchase last night. After much “back-and-forth” over what I wanted to buy (Go cheap with a mazda 3? Fun and a little juvenile with a FoST? Be a boring Grown up and get an Accord?), I decided that I should really get what I wanted.

Of course, the were fresh out of the Colorado Crew Cab LT V6 I wanted, but this Canyon SLE checked all the boxes. It’s a little nicer on the inside too. I probably didn’t get the best deal in the world, but I walked away happy, payments are right where I want them, and I finally feel like my vehicle fits me.


Feel free to rag on me for not buying a manual, diesel, brown, RWD wagon. I can’t hear you over my happy.

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