Brought on by awmaster10's post on shift boots

One of the hardest things to get for the GTO is the stock shift knob. From GM they come as a boot assembly because they are attached to each other. So you have to buy them together if you want a new one, but if you want an aftermarket knob you need to separate the boot from the knob. Unfortunately many people, like my car’s previous owner, cut the boot off the knob. Want to know how these are attached?

That’s right, a god damn zip tie. Something people can easily cut and remove and then replace... Of course GM discontinued the GTO knobs because people bought them out and they had specific thread colors to match the paint and interior. Like my shift boot, the knob should have blue stitching, but those are literally impossible to find and the ones I do are $300+. So I used my GM EPC to find out the G8 knobs are exactly the same and attach the same, but just have black stitching not blue. SO?! All I want is a factory correct knob. So I bought a G8 knob, removed the G8 boot and attached my brand new GTO boot and it is fantastic.


I am so excited to install this once my tranny is back in. Getting closer to having my car the way I want her.