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After a good six months plus, I finally got to take the scooter for a ride tonight!

I serviced it a few weeks ago, but the weather and free time never aligned until tonight. It got an oil change, gear lube changed, a new spark plug (the old one looked fine, but the replacement was like $2.50), a new air filter, and a new battery (because my lazy ass didn’t put it on a battery tender back in November).


I finally confirmed that all the work got the scooter in working order. I was concerned I’d have to pull the carb apart and clean it, because I didn’t properly winterize it for storage. It was nearly out of gas, in fact it ran out before it got out of the driveway, so I had to run out with a gas can for a gallon of fresh premium. That did the trick. I won’t push my luck again like that.

It was still pretty chilly, so I only rode about 2-1/2 miles, but it was damn fun to get the little Super 8 back on the road!

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