Finally got motivation and a break in weather to tear into the van last night. I figured I was just going to start tearing until I found the leak, as I suspected bad intake gasket was making it seem like the HGs were seeping.

So I set off at about 5:30 when I got home from work. By 6:00 I had the intake off:

Yes I was off-roading recently......

Found the upper had been leaking across on 2 cylinders, which explains my odd idle at times and general lack of power lately. The I continued on, got the lower off and found what I suspected, the lower intake gasket was leaking pretty heavy on the outer corners. From there it was running down the head seam making it look like bad headgaskets.

Cleaned everything up, opened my gasket set, found the HG kit (figured get the HG kit, then I’m covered if I have to tear farther) does not include intake gaskets..........Break for supper, then run to the parts house to get the intake set. By this point it’s 8:30 and I’m ready to set back into it:

Did a little more cleanup, then started putting her all back together. Reassembly went off without a hitch and I had it back together by 9:30. I proceeded to change the oil, then fill/burp the cooling system, then took her on a road test. By 10:30 she was all sorted and ready to rock again.

Now that I’ve found motivation again I will likely set into rust repair yet this week too, along with adding a leaf to the rear springs.


??? Still trying to figure out what I want for exhaust as well, so I can get that sorted before winter. I was thinking 3" split into dual 2.5" at the rear, but I may just go 2.5" split at the rear to keep resonance out. ???

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