I moved in with my gf a couple weeks ago, and we're in the process of getting our cats to behave with each other. My cat, Oliver, is the Siamese on the left, and my gf's cat, Jade, is the black 'n white on the right. We also have Jade's mom, Sophia, who isn't in this picture.

For the most part they're getting along, although Jade sometimes gets territorial and hisses and moans if Oliver gets too close. For some reason, the hissing is always the worst at 5 in the damn morning. Sophia is less bothered by Oliver but also occasionally hisses at him.

Oliver doesn't do any hissing. He just wants to be friends with Jade & Sophia. He keeps trying, even though they keep hissing. Because he's the best cat, obviously.

My gf partly works from home, and witnessed this scene of Jade being able to be near Oliver and keep friggin quiet, so she had to share.


If only this is what they looked like at 5 am!