Finally! A Monster!

Well after a couple of years of lusting I am now finally the proud owner of the one, the only, the Monstruo.

I bought a Monster S2R 800, with factory optioned full Termis and basically every Carbon option on the catalogue, the engine cover things on the side, the exhaust, even the front splashguard (don’t know what it’s called in English, happy if somebody can tell me I mean the thing on top of the tire)


It has a bit over 10k miles and was owned by the same guy for 10 years.

I’m really happy with it, the torque is insane and the sound is perfection.

Excited to see this old girl be my partner in crime for the foreseeable future and see where life takes us.

(It does seem to be the position is a bit aggressive for long distances, which is mostly what I want to do with it, so we’ll see)

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