Finally a truck for most everyone who owns a truck but doesn't need it.

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The Tesla Truck is finally here. I mean the windows aren’t ball bearing proof but I for one couldn’t be much more excited, and I am not a truck guy of any ilk. I actually kind of dislike trucks overall. I think they’re just a big compromise to make for the majority of owners. Unless you’re using your truck (If it doesn’t have a bed it isn’t a truck you doltish SUV owners) for things only a truck can do on a regular basis then it’s just not the best choice.


Until tonight, the trucks of the world have been bad at doing what the majority of drivers need them to do well. Handle, accelerate, brake, and be economical. They simply don’t offer those things on the regular. Most all of them are actually quite bad at each of those things. One of Car & Drivers 10 best trucks this year, the Ram 1500 does 0-60 in 5.9 seconds. That’s not terrible but remember we’re talking about one of the best of 2020. We haven’t even talked about how it’s a boat that handles like one. The cheap Cybrtruk does the same in 6.5 and handles considerably better. It’s clean too so imagine the savings.

Most truck owners that don’t use them regularly for things only a truck can do seem to own them for reasons like, well it sits up high, I just want it because it’s a truck, etc. That leads to a lot a people with not great reasons to own something that isn’t great to drive.


Tonight the Tesla Cybrtruk has on its own become the best truck available today for the majority of truck owners out here who don’t really need a truck but just want one. $39k is wildly affordable for most new truck and even lightly used truck shoppers. Even the most expensive one is affordable for someone who needs that actual utility. Really at the heart of my argument is that a better drive is more likely to illicit better drivers. I can’t wait to see that wacky thing on the roads.

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